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A Little Poem of How I Feel Now

By Alina Shahnazari, Founder and Co-creator of Master It in 90 Days

 Alina Shahnazarian, technologist turned author and founder of Master It in 90 Days, is pouring her heart into the interest. "I was born to love and bring back love," she says.

Put your love out there

Put your heart out there

Who told you that showing your love is bad

Who told you it's shameful to show the real you?

Who told you that being fake is real?

Who told you that being fake, not loving, not giving, not receiving, not being exposed is safe?

Safe for who? Safe to who? Safe from what?

Safe and fake? No thank you.

Safe and unreal?No thank you.

I am done with fakeness.

With not loving, with not being loved.

Not being who I came to be.

The game we are playing is that, honey.

We came here to be,

To be who we are, already.

To discover who we are.

We came here to go after our own self

And uncover it all.

Uncover the masks of fake being,

The robotic mask they made us wear.

To survive, I know.

To buy love, I know.

To be accepted, I know.

To finally be among friends, I know.

But that’s not you.

The fake you are being is not you.

The mask you are wearing is not you.

You came to find yourself.

It is under it all.

It is under the masks of fake,

The fake friends, fake jobs, fake hellos and how are yous.

The fake smiles too.

I am done with all of it.

I am here to love.

I am here to give love and receive your love.

I give love to myself.

I give love to you.

And I accept your love, when it is real.

Real love, yes, give it to me.

Real friendship, yes, I want it.

Real power? I have it in me already.

Real confidence? Yup, I have it.

Real life? Yes! It is happening right here and right now.

I came here to live it all. To live the true me.

That’s why we came here, to unmask ourselves.

To unveil the heart that’s been hiding behind this fakeness.

Are you coming with me?

Are you joining me here?

I’ll be here when you arrive.


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