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My Story

Hello! I'm Alina Shahnazari, the founder and co-creator of Master It in 90 Days. My journey of personal growth started in my birthplace, Iran, where I dreamt of becoming a strong, independent woman and an author. Growing up in a country constantly affected by geopolitical tensions and war, I faced many challenges. In Iran, human rights, minority community rights, and women's rights were often compromised. Yet, these difficulties also exposed me to resilience and entrepreneurship, qualities I deeply admire.

Alina Shahnazari, Founder and Co-creator of Mastere It in 90 Days - A guided journal and workbook company
 Alina Shahnazari, Founder and President of Words of Wisdom and Love, Inc., started this company with the purpose of empowering others on their personal growth journey. "There is not enough structured and systematic approach to personal growth," she says. A step-by-step and structured program will accelerate personal growth and demystify what it actually means to grow as a person. This is the reason she created the "Master It in 90 Days" guidebook series – 90-day programs designed to improve essential life skills such as self-love, increased presence, confidence, creativity, and more.

During my childhood, growing up in the small Armenian community in Iran, I was deeply involved in the family business. As we navigated the challenges of the 1979 revolution and the subsequent eight-year Iran-Iraq war, I worked closely with my father and uncles in our meat-producing company. This hands-on experience from a young age was instrumental in developing my entrepreneurial skills. Working in different functions of the company alongside its owners provided me with a unique vantage point to understand business, leadership, and the intricacies of building a company that sustains over the years. I learned the value of fearlessness, strength, resilience, and hard work firsthand. This comprehensive involvement was crucial in shaping my determination and adaptability, reinforcing my commitment to pursuing my dreams and overcoming obstacles, no matter how daunting they may seem. Furthermore, facing the US and European sanctions on Iran introduced additional complexities and challenges, testing our resilience and adaptability in the midst of international economic pressures.

After migrating to the US at 27 with a software engineering degree from Iran, I embraced self-learning, compensating for the absence of a formal American education. This led to an extraordinary eight-year tenure at NASA-JPL and key roles in tech product management. With two decades in the tech industry, I followed my inner calling and founded Master It in 90 Days. This venture is more than just a career; it represents my commitment to spreading knowledge and empowerment. Master It in 90 Days, merging my career with my passion for personal development, now helps guide others toward self-improvement and self-realization.

 Alina Shahnazari is an avid reader, a mother of two beautiful girls, and a technologist. Self-improvement has been a part of her life journey for as long as she remembers. Being able to thrive in life while being born and raised in Iran, a country with many issues concerning human rights and women's rights, she made personal improvement and personal growth her everyday religion. After two decades in tech and working in corporate America in the tech industry for well-known global companies, she started her own venture, one that matches every fiber of her being.
Personal growth and personal development through guided journals and workbooks. Visit us at
Empowering Your Personal Growth

At Master It in 90 Days, our mission is to help you unlock your full potential. Our guided journals and workbooks are products of love, created from love. They embody the essence of my journey and are now extended to you as companions in your own path of self-improvement. These journals provide not just insights and strategies but also serve as travel guides in your personal development journey.

Why Our Journals?

Each Master It in 90 Days journal shines as a beacon of light, guiding you toward personal empowerment and the fulfillment of your aspirations. Whether you're aiming for professional growth, emotional well-being, or realizing your dreams, our journals are committed allies on your path. My unique blend of a tech background in creating engaging products, storytelling ability, and intuitive insights from life’s experiences, enables me to craft these journals and future tools essential for your personal growth journey. They are not just guides but compasses for your unique path of self-discovery. I can attest to their effectiveness, as they have been instrumental in my own growth, and now, I'm excited to share them with you.

Master It in 90 Days specializes in guided journals and workbooks that target the mastery of vital life skills such as presence, self-love, courage, resilience, creativity, calmness, power, and more.
From My Experience to Your Success

I've personally created and used these journals, recognizing their transformative power. Each one serves as a diary of my own journey in personal growth, capturing the lessons and insights I've discovered along the way. Compelled to share these discoveries, I offer these journals as companions to others on their path of self-improvement. Designed to assist you in your own quest for mastery, they mirror the steps I've taken, tailored to enhance and support your unique journey.

Join Our Community of Seekers

By choosing Master It in 90 Days, you join a community of like-minded individuals, all on a quest for personal growth. Together, we inspire and support one another on this transformative path.

With love and dedication to our collective journey,
Alina Shahnazari, 
Founder and President, Master It in 90 Days A brand of Words of Wisdom and Love, Inc.

Master It in 90 Days provides guided journals and workbooks that facilitate personal growth through neuroplasticity. Engage in daily small lessons and practices for a continuous 90-day period to nurture your development.
Master It in 90 Days represents a dedicated community focused on continuous personal growth and development.
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We are here in this life to evolve, to love, and to observe the results of our choices and thoughts. Lifetime after lifetime, like an unfolding movie, our soul's journey progresses episode by episode, guiding us toward our full awakening. These guided journals are a reflection of my soul's journey, shared with fellow seekers and lovers of this path. Through one lesson, one practice each day, we step by step walk toward enlightenment, led by the deepest desires of our hearts.


Alina S.

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