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Join the "Master It in 90 Days" Team

The Master It in 90 Days team is searching for advocates, believers, and enthusiasts who believe that self-improvement is possible no matter the circumstance. As we expand our reach, vision, and impact, we're seeking individuals who can help us achieve our mission of providing accessible, affordable, and highly personalized resources to the world through our guidebooks.

 Master It in 90 Days is seeking 20 participants to try our guidebooks and participate in a customer development project to help us improve them.

What We're Looking For

  • Business Development

We're seeking individuals who can help build partnerships and connect us with organizations, book marketing, and book publishing companies that may be interested in partnering with us to provide resources for personal development and elevate personal success. Whether as allies, business partners, or investors, we're interested in working with those who want to be part of conscious businesses and join our mission to help individuals everywhere have access to quality, affordable, self-sufficient, and proven methods for personal development.


  • Marketing

We're looking for creative minds to help us market the life-changing Master It in 90 Days guidebooks. Share innovative ideas, connect us to causes that align with our mission, and help create mutual benefits. Please note that this is a non-paid collaboration opportunity, and your efforts will help a life-changing product take root and expand.


  • Participants in Customer Development

We're seeking 20 participants worldwide: 10 from the US, 5 from the UK (where most of our existing customers live), and 5 from other countries. Participants will engage with one or more of our guidebooks free of charge (a $20 value), providing feedback, questions, and suggestions for improvement. In return, they'll receive a free copy of their chosen guidebook and a deeper connection with our team at Master It in 90 Days, including founder Alina, to help answer questions and participate in a customer development project at the company.

Participant Requirements:

  • Provide us with weekly or monthly feedback on the guidebook you are working on.

  • Help us refine our products with insights and suggestions.

This is a non-paid collaboration, and by participating, you'll contribute to a life-changing product's growth and expansion. Learn more here!

Why Collaborate with Us?

Join us on this journey to make a difference in the world of personal development. Together, we can improve lives by making high-quality self-improvement resources accessible to everyone.

Reach out today, and let's create something remarkable together!

A Personal Message from Alina Shahnazari, Founder and Co-Creator of Master It in 90 Days

The Master It in 90 Days team is seeking individuals, organizations, and companies who believe that self-improvement is the most viable, lasting, and powerful way to transform lives. We believe that each of us holds the power and wisdom within, waiting to be unlocked. We are capable, visionary beings far beyond our physical bodies and minds.

Our guidebooks are 90-day self-paced programs and resources designed to bring structured yet personalized self-mastery programs to the masses.

Join us in expanding our reach, connecting with enablers and amplifiers, and sharing this mission with people worldwide.

Help Us Grow

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