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  • What will I learn from the guided journals created by Master It in 90 Days?
    Unlock your potential with our easy-to-follow, guided journals designed for personal growth. Commit to just 10 minutes daily, and through our structured, bite-sized lessons and practices, you will progressively develop and master a chosen life skill in 90 days. These journals are perfect for anyone looking to enhance their skills and grow in their personal and professional life, one day at a time.
  • Do the Master It in 90 Days journals follow a specific method or rule?
    Our unique journals and workbooks leverage the scientifically proven 21/90 rule, designed for mastering new skills. The first 21 days -first 3 weeks- focus on laying a strong foundation, forming a new habit, while the remaining days up to 90 are dedicated to deepening and solidifying your mastery. This effective approach ensures that you gain comprehensive expertise in your chosen skill within just three months, providing a structured and impactful journey towards personal and professional growth.
  • What was the initial journal topic developed, and what was the reason behind it?
    Self-love was the first theme we tackled in our journals. Our founder and co-creator, while advancing on her journey of self-growth, intuitively creates content that reflects her personal needs at each stage. She champions self-love as the essential foundation for all areas of life, including health and overall happiness.
  • Can I start with any journal or should I follow a sequence?
    Begin with the journal that resonates with you; let your intuition guide you to what you need most at this moment. If you're unsure where to start, self-love is a great foundational journal to begin your journey.
  • Are the journals suitable for personal development beginners?
    Yes, they are designed for everyone from beginners to advanced levels, guiding you from the start of your growth journey. Self-improvement is a journey of constantly taking responsibility for our well-being, our actions, our thoughts, and ultimately our lives. It is the realization that we are the co-creators of our experience on Earth. We are our best teachers, healers, and enablers. Trusting ourselves and the universe, and stepping into the unknown, also known as the present moment, is the ultimate purpose of life. To grow as humans, to grow as souls, and to live a life that is truly ours – free, capable, powerful, joyful, abundant. This then leads to the question, how can I help others? True help comes when you have healed yourself when you have loved yourself enough to be able to love and help others the right way. It is a journey, a journey worth your while.
  • What if I miss a day of journaling?
    No worries if you miss a day or two; just pick up where you left off in your Master It in 90 Days journal. Our workbooks are designed for flexibility, allowing you to progress at your own pace. If needed, you can even cover multiple days in one session. Remember, time is flexible – it's about your personal journey, not a rigid schedule. Create your timeline and enjoy the process of self-discovery and mastery.
  • Is there a community for support and sharing experiences?
    Yes, a vibrant support community is coming in 2024! It will be the perfect place to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from each other, and access exclusive content. The Master It in 90 Days team is dedicated to providing deeper lessons and practices, tailored specifically for community members, enhancing your journey of personal mastery.
  • Can these journals help with specific life challenges?
    While Master It in 90 Days journals don't replace professional advice, they offer powerful tools for self-improvement that can positively impact various life challenges. These journals are designed to enhance your life significantly in the area you choose to focus on, whether it be self-love, presence, productivity, or any other theme. Expect notable improvements as you engage with the content tailored to your personal growth journey.
  • What makes these journals unique?
    Master It in 90 Days journals stand out with their structured, bite-sized daily lessons that build up to create significant personal transformations. Each journal is a crucial piece in the puzzle of personal mastery. Another unique feature is the intuitive approach of our founder and co-creator, Alina. She embarks on a journey of learning, exploring, and discovery, crafting guidelines initially for her own growth, which are then shared with the community. These insights are transformed into easy, digestible lessons, making complex wisdom accessible and practical for everyday life.
  • How much does each journal cost?
    Each journal is $19.99 USD—a small investment for a transformative change.
  • How often are new journals released?
    New journals from Master It in 90 Days are typically released every two months. Each journal reflects the personal growth journey of our founder, Alina. The creation of these journals is intimately tied to Alina's own advancements in various aspects of her life. By documenting her personal experiences, research findings, and intuitive insights, Alina transforms her journey into structured 90-day programs. These programs consist of daily lessons and practices focused on a specific area of personal development. As Alina continues to grow and explore new areas, these insights are regularly compiled into new journals, usually leading to the release of a fresh journal every two months.
  • Who creates the journals?
    They're developed by Alina, our founder and co-creator, who documents her mastery path to share her discoveries.
  • Who are the Master It in 90 Days journals and workbooks for?
    For people from all walks of life who have been living for a while now, probably over something like 20 years. People who want to journey into self-growth and become masters of their lives. People who are busy with life, a career, a kid or two, life's challenges, and what not. If you are someone who wants to master their life, our journals are written for you! Your commitment? 10 minutes a day for 90 days for each journal you pick up intuitively.
  • What if I have no journaling experience?
    Don't worry if you're new to journaling or using workbooks. Master It in 90 Days journals are designed to be user-friendly and engaging, effortlessly guiding you from a beginner to more advanced levels. With our founder's 20 years of experience in the tech industry, these journals are crafted to inspire, engage, and delight users at any experience level. Why not give it a try and see how it can transform your personal growth journey?
  • Where can I buy the journals?
    They're available on our website , our Amazon store or Barnes & Noble. Email us your order number for potential rewards and early access to new releases.
  • How many journals will be created?
    Currently, Alina, our founder and co-creator, has envisioned at least 12 new topics for future journals. She is dedicated to developing a broader range of complementary products to support our community on their personal development journey.
  • Are your guided journals available for purchase globally?
    Absolutely! No matter where you are, as long as you can order from or Barnes & Noble, our journals can be delivered to your corner of the world in just a few days. Enjoy global access to your personal journey of mastery.
  • What languages are the journals available in?
    Currently, they're in English. We plan to offer additional languages in 2024.
  • Why are these journals only in print, not digital?
    Our journals are exclusively in print to leverage the therapeutic and cognitive benefits of traditional pen-and-paper journaling. Research shows that writing by hand enhances learning, reflection, and creativity. According to a study in the journal 'Psychological Science', writing by hand allows for deeper processing, aiding in memory and understanding. Additionally, the physical act of writing can be meditative, aiding in self-reflection and mindfulness. These journals encourage you to disconnect from digital distractions and engage more fully with your personal growth journey. [Reference: Mueller, P. A., & Oppenheimer, D. M. (2014). The pen is mightier than the keyboard: Advantages of longhand over laptop note taking. Psychological Science, 25(6), 1159-1168.]
  • Why did Master It in 90 Days opt for printed journals instead of online courses for its personal growth materials?
    Alina, our founder, chose printed journals over online courses for several key reasons: Private Experience: Alina's aim is to offer journals for personal reflection, believing that each person holds inner wisdom and journaling can unlock this innate power. Personal Journey Influence: Alina moved to the US at 27 and, through self-education and reading, built a 20-year tech career, including 8 years at NASA-JPL and other leading tech companies, without any US-based higher education. Effectiveness & Affordability: Alina values books and journals as accessible learning tools. Global Accessibility: Committed to worldwide access, she believes printed books fulfill this goal. Future Expansion: Plans to combine technology with traditional methods for enhanced learning with Master It in 90 Days.
  • How many "Master It in 90 Days" journals can I work on simultaneously?
    While you can engage with up to four journals at once for accelerated personal growth, we strongly suggest this only if you have a few free hours each day and are at a stage in life where you can focus your time and energy on self-development.
  • Do the journals adhere to a particular religion?
    No, our guided journals are based on universal personal development principles, basic psychology, human behavior, and a spiritual belief that we transcend mind and body. Our "Master It in 90 Days" guidebooks are created with the belief that each of us holds the key to our own growth. We are the ones we have been looking for. Each one of us possesses deep wisdom within, which can be unlocked by taking full responsibility for our own actions, thoughts, and happiness. Read more about our approach to self-improvement and personal growth in some of our blogs:
  • What does the brand name "Master It in 90 Days" mean, and is it trademarked?
    "Master It in 90 Days" is more than just our brand name—it's our promise. It encapsulates our unique approach to personal development, representing a specialized guidebook series that supports our readers on a journey to master a life skill in just 90 days. By engaging with our guidebooks for 10 minutes a day, readers can learn through bite-sized daily lessons, which are complemented by practical exercises and reflective activities. This consistent, daily practice is designed to help build and solidify new habits, enabling readers to truly embody the skill they are focusing on. The phrase "Master It in 90 Days" is a registered trademark in the United States, affirming our commitment to providing a proven pathway to mastery and self-improvement. We are also in the process of obtaining global trademark protection to extend our reach and impact.
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