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Celebrating the Release of My Third Book: A Journey into Presence

"Presence" is a guidebook from the "Master It in 90 Days" series. Alina Shahnazari, the co-creator of this journal, acknowledges the universe as her co-creator, aiding her through intuition, downloads, and life lessons. She wrote this guidebook initially for herself, to become more present, and then for others who seek to live more in the now, with a calm mind, confidence, and inner power.

Today marks a significant milestone for me - the release of my third book, and in my opinion, the best one I've written so far. This guidebook delves into the concept of presence, a theme that I explore in depth, defining it as the essence of life. Presence, as I explain in the book, is about living in the now. The only true life we have is this moment - now is life, presence is life.

It's a simple yet profound realization that life unfolds only in the present. The rest are mind-made stories of the past and future, or even worse, the scenarios we build in our minds, over which we obsess, worry, and, in essence, waste our lives.

The true and main purpose of our lives is self-realization. It's the idea that we came here to know who we are. To stand our ground and not succumb to societal pressures, be it from schools, parents, families, coworkers, work environments, or governments dictating our thoughts, actions, and life choices. We are here to realize our freedom, discover our inner power, and take charge of our reality.

The "Presence Guidebook" is structured as a 90-day program of daily lessons and practices, each requiring about 10 minutes of your time. Engaging with its teachings over time, specifically over these 90 days, you will build a new habit of being more present and living more in the now. This duration is an ample amount of time to integrate new learnings into our lives and transform them for the better.

As the author of this guidebook, I can personally attest to the transformative power of writing and researching this topic. Learning what works and practicing ways to increase presence has changed my life. As a result of this book, I am much more confident, authentic, living in the now, powerful, and free.

I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book if this message resonates with you. I believe in synchronicities, not accidents. Trust yourself if you feel drawn to give this guidebook a try. It changed my life, and I have a strong feeling it will change many more lives.

Presence is the gift of life. It is the gift we came here to embody. Presence is the present of life. Accept the present and live it.

 Presence is the gift of life. It is the gift we came here to embody. Presence is the present of life. Accept the present and live it.


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