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Redefining Success: The Critical Skills for Life Mastery Ignored by Traditional Education

Master It in 90 Days,' a personal development program offering guided journals and workbooks for a transformative 90-day journey. It emphasizes mastering essential life skills with a daily commitment of just 10 minutes.

In today's world, mastering essential life skills such as love, self-love, true wealth building, joy, resilience, creativity, presence, manifestation, productivity, and mind management is crucial for a successful life, regardless of individual goals. Yet, traditional school curriculums often overlook these vital skills. 'Master It in 90 Days' steps in to address this gap, with a mission to enhance personal development globally.

The Essential Skills for Success

Skills like love, self-love, and resilience are not mere soft skills; they are fundamental for thriving in life. These attributes enable individuals to overcome challenges, fulfill their desires, and achieve genuine success and contentment. They are necessary for anyone aspiring to lead a successful and fulfilling life.

The Gap in Formal Education

The lack of these fundamental life skills in school curriculums is a significant oversight. While traditional education is vital for academic and professional success, it often fails to equip students with the necessary tools for personal mastery and emotional intelligence. This omission leaves many unprepared for life's real challenges.

Master It in 90 Days: Fostering Global Change 'Master It in 90 Days' is more than a collection of guided journals and workbooks; it is a movement dedicated to supplementing the gaps left by formal education. Our global mission transcends cultural and geographical boundaries, aiming to provide tools that nurture these essential life skills, thereby impacting lives worldwide.

Supported by Universal Principles At 'Master It in 90 Days', we align with the universal principles that advocate growth, transformation, and authentic learning. Our products are designed to guide individuals on a journey of self-discovery, covering all aspects of life that traditional education often neglects.

A Systematic and Structured Approach 'Master It in 90 Days' offers a systematic approach similar to higher education, extending learning over 90 days. This period is carefully chosen to help individuals progress from minimal knowledge to a path of mastery in a chosen subject area.

Effective Daily Lessons and Practices What differentiates 'Master It in 90 Days' is its focus on concise, impactful daily lessons and practices, each requiring about 10 minutes a day. This approach ensures that personal development is a gradual, integrated part of one's life, achieved through small, consistent steps.

Rooted in Real-Life Experiences Our journals are not just theoretical compilations. They are derived from real-life experiences and a quest for answers to critical questions about growth and purposeful living. Each journal reflects a tested and proven journey, serving as a tool for wisdom, understanding, and the art of living well.

The Choice of Pen-and-Paper Journals 'Master It in 90 Days' deliberately chooses pen-and-paper guided journals for their affordability, global accessibility, and the profound impact of traditional journaling methods. This format offers a private space for genuine self-reflection and connection with one's thoughts and feelings, integral to personal growth.

Master It in 90 Days' logo, symbolizing a transformative journey through guided journals and workbooks for personal growth. The brand focuses on mastering vital life skills over a structured 90-day period with just 10 minutes of daily commitment.


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