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Self-Love: The Foundation of Personal Growth and Past Healing

The journey of self-improvement begins with self-love. Do you genuinely and deeply love yourself and believe that you deserve love and blessings? Can you forgive yourself for past mistakes?

Each of us is like a tree - a tree of life, deeply rooted in our pasts and ancestral storylines.

These roots are embedded in Mother Earth, holding stories of pain, hurt, lack, and fears passed down through generations. The critical question we face is whether we have the strength to heal ourselves and stop the perpetuation of these stories in future generations, or if we will leave this daunting task to our children.

Our roots often need healing, as we all carry wounds inflicted by life's dramas. This healing begins with self-love - embracing every part of our story, acknowledging our strengths and flaws, and accepting ourselves as we are in the present moment. It involves building awareness of our wounds and understanding what needs healing.

This process is not easy. It is an excruciating journey that many don't know how to begin or where to go. What is needed is a structured yet gentle approach, one that educates and mirrors our true selves, perhaps for the first time. This path should be tailored to individual needs, providing wisdom and raising questions for introspection, guiding us to find our way forward.

Master It in 90 Days was created to be that guide. It offers structured yet open workbooks and journals – a space for you to heal your wounds through small, manageable lessons and practices. Spanning over 90 days, it helps integrate these lessons into your life, making them a habit for ongoing personal growth. Each journal represents a part of your tree of life, with self-love as the foundation. Alongside this, the program empowers you to envision a fantastic future and reclaim all your power back to the present, enabling you to live joyfully in the here and now.

Understanding and practicing self-love is crucial. It's not just about healing your wounds but also about addressing the ancestral and familial patterns of pain, fear, and struggle. This journey of self-love is deep, hard, and immensely satisfying work, opening the path for your soul’s progress towards awakening.

In the realm of spirituality, it's believed that our healing is not limited to just this lifetime. For those who subscribe to the idea, our wounds are also rooted in our past lives. We have journeyed through many lives before, and each lifetime is like an episode in the saga of our soul's progression toward full awakening.

This journey is about more than just healing the present wounds; it's about awakening to our full potential, our true power, and discovering our authentic selves. Each life is a step towards understanding who we really are at the deepest level. In this view, our current life's challenges and opportunities for healing are connected to the larger journey of our soul across various lifetimes.

Whether you see your journey as part of a larger multi-lifetime progression or focus on the here and now, 'Master It in 90 Days' is designed to guide you in this process of awakening. It's a journey towards realizing your full potential and embracing the true essence of who you are, unburdened by the pains and fears of the past, whether they are from this lifetime or beyond.

I invite you to give yourself the chance to embark on this 90-day self-love program. It’s a journey of significant transformation, taking you step by step, session by session, towards a future free from the burdens of the past. With 'Master It in 90 Days,' you have the opportunity to write a new story, one that resonates with healing, growth, and awakening.

Self-love is about embracing yourself just as you are. Personal growth begins with self-love, the root of all healing. It starts with accepting and forgiving yourself, coupled with the belief that you are deserving of profound love and blessings. Personal improvement is fundamentally built on the foundation of loving yourself.


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