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Attention and Intention: The Two Words That Create Your Reality on Earth

 Attention and intention are the powers you hold every second of your life to create heaven or hell. Through self-love, a pure intention, and grateful attention, create heaven in your corner of the world.

Heaven and hell are created by your attention and intention. What you pay attention to expands and creates your reality, consumes your energy, well-being, and your time.

Pay attention to the good in your life, the beautiful nature, good people around you, the opportunities, the love, and the blessings you have, and this becomes your reality. Pay attention to the bad, the war, the problems, global warming, animal extinction, the illnesses, and that is what you get more of.

You are a powerful creator who came here to master the art of creation. We are not here to fix every problem that exists in the world. And we can never know why and how some go through so much trouble and what their soul journey is all about. What they are learning, discovering, and why they are having a specific experience. Focus on you instead. Send loving peace and love to those in trouble and focus on you. You are here to create your own reality by paying attention to the good in your life and intentionally create more love, joy, peace, and harmony in your own life. You create your own heaven on earth this way.

Attention and Intention are what you came here to master. These are the enablers of your creation power. What are you focusing on, love or fear, pain and suffering or joy, happiness, ease, tranquility? The choice is yours; you are that powerful, you are that amazing. See the good, appreciate the good, and create your experience around that.

A channelled message: Heaven is your creation, so is hell. The two sides of the same coin called experience on earth. The energy you put out comes back to you, and if what you intended was pure and full of love, you will experience heaven, and if your intention was not as pure, you will experience hell. Sometimes a mix of both in 2 aspects of your life. Pure intentions come from the heart, self-respecting first and self-honoring first and extending the love you feel inside to the world. Intention is the power you hold in your thoughts, in your actions, in your mind, in your being toward the self and others. Good intentions are heaven builders, they connect the dots of experiences and create heaven on earth, even in one small area of your life. What intention isn't, is a mere action, a mere doing. What is the intention behind all you do, even what you do is seemingly harmless. Are you acting from the place of love or lack? Do you do things to be accepted, to be loved, to buy attention and approval? We call this not a pure intention. We call this a hell-maker intention.

Everything pure comes from self-love. It comes from the love you feel within your heart. It comes from knowing that you are sacred, you deserve love, you deserve respect, and your worth is beyond measure. Even if you pay attention to the good, and have pure intentions, it has to come from self-love, or it is dishonoring the self, disrespecting the self, and eventually self distrusting. Love yourself.


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