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Crafting Realities: Harnessing Words to Shape Our World

Master It in 90 Days is a series of guidebooks that create a curriculum, a map, a process for creating a beautiful life on Earth.

Definitions are important in setting a foundation, clearly defining what we mean by something because the same words, phrases, and gestures might mean different things to different people.

Definitions avoid confusions, misunderstandings. They give you the ability to manifest, to bring into life what you are trying to do. To communicate clearly. Because how can you make something happen when you don't clearly define it? The same for a team, a family, for everyone. You need to clearly define what you want to manifest, make happen, bring to the 3D world. To build allies, to show what's in it for everyone involved, to inspire, to be able to start the process of planning and execution. We toss around important, sacred, life-changing phrases without having a common understanding and definition of what they actually mean. Everyone has a version, a definition of these words. What is the definition of joy and what is the process of having more joy? How about love. What is love really? How about creativity? Presence? A jargon that is exhaustibly used in leadership and management and the ladder of leadership.

This is what Master It in 90 Days does. Defining sacred and deeply meaningful words that are tossed around like popcorns in society. These words like self-love, joy, presence, creativity, etc., have meanings, deep meanings. These are the "codes," the secrets of living a successful life on earth. A life we came here to create. To live. To master.

Then comes the process. What if there is a process for embodying these qualities? I am here to attest and be an example that against all odds you can live a good life. A life that in your own definition, is heaven on earth. You CREATE your own heaven on earth. You are that powerful. We all are. That's the topic of our next guidebook "Cocreation," a piece of art, a channeled message, life experiences and a process that bring it all home.

"Cocreation" is the keyword. You never bring anything into this 3D world alone. You need allies—people who believe in you and your vision.

Master It in 90 Days guidebooks are self-paced programs designed to help you master life-altering skills in 90 days—skills you thought there was no process for, such as self-love, joy, power, confidence, presence, creativity, love, wealth, and more.


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