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Creating Heaven on Earth: The Power of Love in Our Collective Journey

 A channeled message from the source of love: Creation is our purpose. We are here to create, to master the art of creation, and to realize our power.

Heaven on earth is what we're here to create—a creation that involves me, you, and every one of us. Love is the bond, the force, the energy, the reason behind what we do to bring heaven on earth. We are the creators on earth, making it happen one small step, one small action, one intention at a time. We, you and I, are here to create. Creation is the power we came here to master. To master life on earth and to bring love to everything we do—business, relationships, friendships, parenting, neighboring, writing, driving, and being. This is how we create heaven on earth. One positive, one good intention at a time. One smile from the heart, one smile from the soul. We are pieces of the same "one"—the ones that came to create, to master life on earth. There is no me vs. you, no you against another; there is only love. Love is all we are deeply and truly after. It's our minds that trick us into thinking otherwise. Love is all we want. All we are is love; we are made of love. Nothing besides love exists. Everything else is an illusion of the mind. The mind that is evolving, the mind that is not our master. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are it.

We each create our reality, our own experience on earth. We each create the life we live in. We are that powerful, we are that awesome, we are that amazing.

A channelled message from the source of love - Alina, the Co-creator of Master It in 90 Days


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