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Go for what you came for

Love is the cure; it is the only way to expand and become more, more than your fearful mind tells you. It is the secret pathway; let it flow

A channeled message from Alina Shahnazari, Co-creator of Master It in 90 Days

The life you are experiencing is just an expression of your soul. The heartache you are feeling, the fears, the lacks, the disappointments – there is always hope. There is always abundance coming from unexpected sources, unexpected places, and unexpected circumstances.

The limitations you feel are the limitations of your mind. Fear is mind-generated; it can make you fearful, it can even make your body go into panic mode, your nervous system can turn on you, it can take your peace away. Maybe because of past traumas or stories your mind tells you.

The victory is yours when you decide to open your heart and believe in something besides what your limited but powerful mind tells you, wants you to believe. You are more than your mind, way more powerful and resilient than what you know and what you believe about yourself.

Beliefs are mind-made; let them go and come to the place of love. We can live in heaven on earth. We can create heaven no matter what fear comes to your mind. Keep sharing your light, be who you are, and the right people, the right circumstances will come to you.

You are above the stories of your mind. The greatness found in your heart is yours to embody, to expand, to trust. To live a life full of joy, you must let the old go. You must trust your love, trust your heart. You must be more than the stories of the past. Let it all begin today, my love. The love you are waiting for, the hope you are waiting for, the power you are waiting for – it is there. Right in your heart. Right in your soul; embody it. Let it lead your life.

The wisdom within you is full of love, full of abundance, creativity, joy, and loving. The world, your world, can be full of beauty, calmness, restoration, and abundance.

You are the magician, you are the creator of your story, the one who came here to be, to create, to master the self, to bring the joy of living on earth, to learn how to love, how to let go, how to go with the flow of life, how to master the lessons of the soul you came here to learn.

The worries, the anxieties, the nightmares, the sleepless nights are telling you something. Ask what the message is. What you must let go of, what you came here to do, to love, to be, to limit, to share, to own – what is it you are learning now? The answers are within you. You already know the answers. It is your mind that ignores, downplays, is scared of the answers. The ego is afraid, feels weak, feels fragile, not enough, not protected, not loved. It is the mind-made ego. Not you, my love, not you. Let the heart open and go for what you came here for. Go for it. Go!

Happiness is right around the corner when you open your heart and let the light in. Let your light out.

A channeled message from Alina Shahnazari, Co-creator of Master It in 90 Days


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