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The Power of Creation within

 Cocreation is your master power. You came here to master creation, to discover who you are, what your powers are, what you can create. Even what seems like a bad experience is your creation, too. There is much more to learn about your power, my love, much more. Order the guidebook of cocreation.
Channeled message from Alina Shahnazari, the Co-creator of Master It in 90 Days

The act of love is the act of self-absorbance. The absorbance of what is truly yours. Some call it the Law of Attraction. The Law of Resonance, like attracts like, the law of vibrations, but at its core, it is all energy vibrating and attracting what it emits to the world around it.

The energy of love attracts love, the energy of joy attracts joy, the energy of pain attracts pain. What goes around, comes around.

With an open heart, be the love, the joy, the abundance you want to attract in your life.

Close your eyes if you have to, to not let the world around you—which is by the way you created in the past and are now experiencing it—affect your manifestation/creation process.

And then CREATE. Create the love, create the emotions, the feelings you want to experience in your life.

You are a powerful creator, a magician in action. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO CREATE today, my love?

Channeled message from Alina Shahnazari, the Co-creator of Master It in 90 Days

I know your next questions, love. How about all the things that happen to me that I didn't create, how about my childhood events, experiences, how about this and that? Come back tomorrow, love, we have much more to talk about. Same spot tomorrow.

A sneak peek into our next guidebook on creativity, an act of co-creation. A life-changing guidebook that enables you to create the life you came here for.⬇️

 Co-creation is the process of creating the reality you live in, your relationship with yourself, with your God, with your animals, with other humans, career, wealth, joy, health—everything! You are that powerful. This guidebook is a step-by-step guide to creating the life you want to live, creating the dream, and living in that dream.


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