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Paper journal and pen on a desk, highlighting the transformative power of Master It in 90 Days' real paper journaling and daily bite-sized lessons for personal growth

Unlock Your Personal Mastery
with Our Guidebooks

Transform in 90 Days,  Daily 10-Minute Commitment

Unlock Your Potential in 90 Days

90 Days to Mastering Essential Life Skills

Transform through Daily Lessons

Unlock Personal Growth with Neuroplasticity
Master It in 90 Days offers guided journals and workbooks designed for lasting transformation through habit formation. Begin your journey of personal growth here.
 Master Yourself: The Power of the 21/90 Rule

Master a new life skill in just 90 days with the 21/90 rule and our guided journals. This straightforward yet impactful method enables you to establish new habits in 21 days and deeply integrate them over 90 days, fostering significant personal growth and enduring change.

Your Private Gateway to Self-Discovery

Embark on a profound journey into the heart of personal development with our guided journals. Within these pages lies a sacred space solely for you, a place where you can intimately explore, expand, and refine your abilities away from the world's gaze. Here, in the quietude of your personal retreat, thoughtfully crafted prompts and exercises beckon you towards deep self-mastery. Our journals stand vigilant, safeguarding your private voyage as you delve into and harness the depths of your true potential.

10 Minute Daily Mastery

Elevate your skills in just 90 days with our guided journals and workbooks, tailored for busy lives. Devote only 10 minutes daily to engaging lessons and practical exercises. This compact, effective approach is designed to help you master a valuable life skill step-by-step.

Quick, simple, and impactful – start your journey to success today in just minutes a day!

Pen Your Path: Embrace the Power of Paper

Discover the power of hand-written journaling with our personalized journals and workbooks. They provide space for reflection and subtle prompts, empowering you to unlock your inner wisdom. Dive into the tactile experience of writing and chart your course to personal growth.

Our Collection of Guidebooks

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Within the depths of your heart resides your authentic identity, distinct from the ambitions crafted by your mind. Embracing and realizing your heart's deepest desires is your life's true mission. Pursuing a path at odds with your heart might offer superficial success, yet it risks a profound betrayal of your true self and soul.

Alina S. Founder and Co-creator
a lifelong student of personal growth

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